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(Our ultimate goal is for your child to learn various skills while having fun.

This includes:

Teaching social skills.

Developing leadership qualities.

Help kids grow their friendship circle.

Providing a healthy outlet.

Aditional Physical education.

Please keep this in mind while participating.

While games may become intense, please maintain sportsmanship. Any behavior or abusive language to another player or referee, and is considered unacceptable by the referee, may result in suspension or ejection from a game or the league).

Start of Game:

  • Referee will have two captains laces or spaces on football, or coin flip.

  • Winning captain selects Offense/Defense or direction in the first half (In the second half, teams change directions and possession).

  • Game starts with the receiving team in possession on its own 20-yard line.


Clock Time:

  • Two 20-minute halves with 1-3 minute half time

  • Running time for all 20 minutes of first half, 18 of 20 minutes running time second half (see below for explanation)

  • Final two minutes of second half - clock stops for:

  • Official's time-outs (injuries and called time-outs)

  • An incomplete pass

  • An offensive player goes out-of-bounds (Without being deflagged)

  • A touchdown

  • A First Down

  • Any turnover (interception, change of possession on downs or after a punt)

  • The clock continues to run on all fumbles (including fumbles snaps from the center to the QB)

  • The clock will stop for a 2 minute warning in the second half 


Start of the game/Scores/Timeouts

  • Each team shall field no less than 5 players

  • Teams must start at game time if the minimum numbers of players are present

  • The team taking possession of the ball will start on its own 10 yards line.  There are no kick-offs

  • Touchdowns 7 points

  • Safeties: 2 points 

  • Each team receives two time-outs per game. Timeouts last one minute.


Snapping Ball Into Play:

  • Ball must always be snapped / flipped near the ground by the center to the quarterback

  • The center is eligible to receive a pass after snapping the ball into play

  • The player receiving the snap is the quarterback for that play

  • No player shall put the ball in play until it is declared ready-for-play by the referee

  • The offensive team has 10 seconds to put the ball in play after it is spotted by the referee

  • Centers may adjust the ball, including picking it up to reposition it as long as this motion is not used to intentionally draw the defense offside

  • If the ball hits the ground during the snap it is treated like a fumble and is dead immediately at the spot where it hit the ground.

  • This will not stop the clock during the last two minutes of the 2nd half


On The Line:

  • QB illegal forward pass/illegal run - The QB throws a forward pass after he crosses the line of scrimmage or runs before defense crosses the line of scrimmage- 5 yards will be assessed from the line of scrimmage  and there will be a loss of down (Penalty may be declined by the defense)

  • Illegal contact/holding Making intention contact with another player will result in a 10 yard penalty and replay the down.

  • Pass interference (when ball is in the air) - Pass interference will be called if a player significantly hinders the ability for an opposing player to get open or catch the ball.  It will be considered incidental contact if both players are clearly going for the ball.

  • Defensive Pass interference will be 10 yds up from the spot of the penalty.

  • Offensive Pass interference will result in a 10 yard penalty and replay the down.



  • Offensive linemen are allowed to block the defense (No Shoulder Blocks or Blocking fro the back)

  • Everyone is an eligible receiver besides the one who snapped / flipped.

  • Once the ball is snaped the rushers have a total of 3 seconds before they are permitted to run in.
    The ref. will scream out 3..2..1.. .
    If one however runs in before the 3 seconds than that will result in a Blitz.

  • The quarterback may only run when the defense uses a blitz (crosses the line of scrimmage prior to the 3 second Count)



  • If there is Defensive offside, it's a free play. ( The ref will scream out, "free play")
    If accepted than 5 yd up redo down.

  • Offence offside, 5 yd back redo down.

  • Offence delay of game, 5 yd back redo down.


Flag Guarding:

  • Intentionally or unintentionally obstructing an opposing player from reaching for a flag belt - The play will be blown dead and it will be a 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul. This will also result in a loss of down.


First Downs:

  • Each team will have a series of four (4) downs to advance the ball from one zone to another. Mid-field is the only first down. Failure to do so in four downs results in loss of the ball to the opponent. If you start the possession on your opponent's side of mid-field the count will be 1st and Goal.



  • There are no fumbles, any play ends when the ball makes contact with the ground

  • If a player has possession of the ball and then loses it and the ball makes contact with the ground the ball will be spot where the player last had complete control of the ball

  • If a ball becomes loose, either team my attempt to catch the ball prior to it hitting the ground and advance it towards their opponents end zone

  • Stripping the ball is not allowed



A safety will be scored when a player:

  • Is de-flagged with the hips across the goal-line in their own end zone.


Offensive Picks:

  • Offensive picks are not allowed (Intentionally impeding the path of a defensive player in order to free up a potential receiver).  This is considered offensive pass interference, 10 yards back redo the down..


Play Will Continue Until:

  • Ball carrier is de-flagged

  • The receiver can be de-flagged once he makes initial contact with the ball.

  • Ball carrier touches the out of bounds line with any part of his body

  • Ball carrier scores. Ball carriers hips must break goal plane for touchdown or conversion

  • Ball touches the ground as a result of a fumble, or incomplete pass

  • Ball carrier slips or falls, you will only need to 2 hand tag him.

  • If an offensive player becomes de-flagged without cause the play will continue until he is touched with two hands by a defender


Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

  • including an illegal tag, grabbing and holding onto the shirt, tackling or pushing, abusive or insulting language to another player or referee, taunting opponent or similar theatrics before or after the touchdown. 15 yard penalty. If after touchdown, will be assessed on conversion

  • 2 unsportsmanlike penalties to 1 player in 1 game - player automatically ejected from the game

  • There are no stiff arms allowed by any player. This will be considered an illegal contact foul and a 10-yard penalty will be assessed and loss of down.​



  • Illegal forward laterals will result in a penalty and the play will end from the spot of the foul.



  • A team is permitted to substitute players before each play. Players must be set on the field for one second before the snap.


On The Field:

Too Many Men on the field - No more than 6 players Penalty will be assessed after discovery  5 yards; replay down. Opposing team may decline penalty



  • Any player fighting or abusing the referee will automatically be ejected from the game without a warning


Unintentional Whistle:

If a referee inadvertently sounds the whistle during a play, the play is immediately dead. If the whistle is sounded during a run, it is the offensive team's ball at the spot when the inadvertent whistle occurred or they have the option to replay the down. If the ball is in flight (snap, pass, or punt) the down will be replayed.

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